Relugan magnetic saddlecloths are made of quilted, durable coutil/denim, resistant to abrasion and bleaching. Perfectly fitted to the anatomical shape of a horse. Great for practice or competition. Recommended for injury prevention, rehab and as a support in a therapy of back pains. Particularly useful for horses with oversensitive back muscles, exposed to a considerable/large workload. Magnets placed along the spine create a magnetic field that dilates blood vessels and through that speed up tissue recovery and removal of toxins. Naturally balance out energy deficits which allows for a faster start of body recovery processes. Lining with Relugan sheepskin ensures a mild/delicate micro massage. Helps keeping a constant body temperature. Allows breathing through the skin. Capable of absorbing sweat in the amount corresponding to 1/3 of the lining weight. Does not overheat nor cause excessive sweating.

denim (cotton 65%, polyester 35%)

cotton flannel, lined with Relugan sheepskin

neodymium magnetic stimulators NMB with strength of ca. 3650 gauss/piece, 10 pieces

polyfill wadding 500g

black, navy, white

jumping, dressage

full, cob, pony

Outer material:

Inner material:






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