Pad lined with Nelson wool knitwear. Made of quilted, durable coutil/denim, resistant to abrasion and bleaching. Perfectly fitted to the anatomical shape of a horse. Absorbs shocks and protects the back from bruising and abrasions. The lining ensures natural thermoregulation and optimal distribution of pressure. Allows breathing through the skin. Especially recommended for horses prone to back injuries. Lining with Nelson wool ensures a mild/delicate micro massage. Helps keeping a constant body temperature. Does not overheat nor cause excessive sweating. Practical use throughout the year.

Outer material:

Inner material:





denim (cotton 65%, polyester 35%)

Nelson wool knitwear

neodymium magnetic stimulators NMB with strength of 3650 gauss/piece, 10 pieces

polyfill wadding 500g

black, navy

full, pony

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