Recommended in prevention, rehabilitation and as a support in treatment after injuries of pastern joint and fetlock. Magnets create a magnetic field that dilates blood vessels and through that speed up tissue recovery and removal of toxins. Naturally balance out energy deficits which allows for a faster start of body recovery processes. Alleviates pain and eliminates swelling. Neoprene magnetic boots, reinforced with abrasion-proof Ripstop fabric. Guaranteed durability. Strong fasting helps ton maintain the proper position of the boots. Fitted perfectly, protect fetlock and pastern joint from shocks. Lined with Nelson wool, perfect for sensitive horses and during extremely hot weather as it reduces the risk of irritation and scalding.

Outer material:

Inner material:






neoprene with Nelson wool

magnetic biostimulators NMB 3650 gaus/pc., 2 pcs. 


2 pcs.

M - XL

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