Recommended in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and as a support treatment after an injury. Particularly recommended for horses with wind puffs and swelling, tendon and joint injuries, as well as those exposed to hard training. Anatomic shape ensures the best placement on the leg without relocating or turning around. Lining made of wool fabric provides good thermoregulation and a gentle micro massage. Keeps proper body temperature and helps skin to breath. Doesn’t overheat nor cause sweating. Practical and comfortable use all year round, easy to adjust with strong velcro fastening. Finished with overstitching unique for the technologically advanced Master Tech collection products.

Outer material:
Inner pad:



nylon, mesh fabric, microfiber (100% polyester)
wool fabric (50% wool, 50% polyester) with cotton (100% cotton)

12 pcs. (6 pcs. in each boot) Neodymium Magnetic Activators
(NMA) 3650 Gauss / pc
3 velcro fasteners
2 pcs.

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