It’s an absolutely amazing half-pad, using two unique technologies: Magnetic Field Therapy™ and Latex Sponge Technology™. Magnetic Field Therapy ™ technology in half pads has a great positive impact on horse’s back flexibility. At the same time, three-layered system based on Latex Sponge Technology™, makes Torpol’s half pad the best among the well-known pads available on the market. It can absorb shocks and prevent from bruises or abrasions. Half pad’s cover is made with strong Alcantara fabric and Evolon® which guarantees natural thermoregulation. Free-neck system ensures excellent airflow. Finished with stitching characteristic for the high tech products from the Master Tech collection.

Outer material:
Inner material:


Alcantara (70% polyester, 30% polyurethane)
Evolon® (70% polyester, 30% polyamide)
Latex Sponge Technology™
8 pcs. Bioflex® Mega Spiral (NMB),
1150 Gauss / pc

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